We have heard it from our friends and family that opposites attract. We have heard it so often that it almost seems like the truth. But is it really so? Well, a research says that apparently, we aren’t exactly most compatible with people who are our opposite. In fact, we are most attracted to people who are similar to us across a variety of characteristics. These characteristics could include physical attractiveness, money, religion, class, desire for children, and education. These similarities also lead to a better and smooth married life.

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As per the research, it has been found that couples with complementary attitudes are generally more satisfied with their partners. This means that a couple, where both spouses are dominating, is likely to be less content in terms of compatibility than the couple where one is dominating and the other one submissive. If you closely look at these concepts based on the research, you’ll realize that you may find your “perfect” partner in a person with complementary attitude and similar tastes. So now you know where to begin your search! All said, choosing a partner is a premeditated decision, and rightly so.

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