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Truth Or Myth: Microwaves Destroy Nutrients in Food


Even though microwaves have become a popular kitchen appliance and they add loads of convenience to life, they continue to be viewed with suspicion. The most common worry is that they destroy the nutritional value of food.A fair number of articles have been reviewed in ... Read More

Truth Or Myth: People With Mental Illness Are 'Different'


Battling mental illness is nothing short of fighting a war against other people’s reaction. Just like any physical ailment, mental illness affects the sufferer beyond we can even fathom. Mental illness is not the easiest subject to talk about, as it is shrouded in myt... Read More

Effects of Alcohol on Quality of Sleep


You may feel drowsy after you drink beer, whiskey, or any other form of alcohol. But have you ever observed that the quality and hours of your sleep is not normal after you consume alcohol?Although you may feel sleepy after taking alcohol, it is not a sleep aid. It lead... Read More

Do Opposites Attract? Here's What Our Research Says.


We have heard it from our friends and family that opposites attract. We have heard it so often that it almost seems like the truth. But is it really so? Well, a research says that apparently, we aren’t exactly most compatible with people who are our opposite. In fact,... Read More

Feeling Fatigued? Hope You're Not Suffering From Any Of These!


Do you feel tired all the time for no obvious reason? Though in most cases fatigue could be nothing beyond normal sleep deprivation; in some cases, it may be a sign of some serious health concern. Here is a list of few health problems that could possibly be the culprits... Read More

Are You Getting Enough Calcium?


Are you thinking of skipping the milk in your coffee to cut calories? Hold on. Research shows that the average modern diet does not contain enough calcium and cutting back on dairy can make matters worse. Calcium is a must to keep your bones healthy. Too little of it co... Read More

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