Neha Garg is a clinical dietician and health writer with an outstanding academic and clinical background. A post-graduate from the prestigious Lady Irwin College, she was also a Delhi University topper. With a work experience spanning more than a decade, she has worked for renowned healthcare organizations such as Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and HealthifyMe. An avid reader and health enthusiast, she also develops customized diet plans along with personal diet consultations. Presently, she is working with EbixCash as a senior medical writer.

Truth or Myth: Drinking Milk When You Have Cough Increases Phlegm Production!


Cough is too annoying to deal with. Not to mention the irritating sticky mucus, stuffy nose, and choked throat that comes along with it! Everyone - from your mother to the friendly neighborhood uncle, and grannies – will give you a list of foods to eat or drink. And, ... Read More

Truth or Myth: Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Weaken Your Vision


Perhaps all of us can recall being warned by our parents that watching TV from too close a distance can damage our eyesight. But do you think this belief, which still abounds about the eye care, is really true? Can sitting too close to the television really weaken our v... Read More

Hepatitis B Vaccines: What You Need To Know


Hepatitis B is a highly contagious liver disease caused by the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). HBV spreads when anyone comes in contact with the infected blood or certain body fluids (like urine or semen) of an infected person. The severity of this infection can range from bei... Read More

Are You a Diabetic? Do You Find Needle Pricks for Blood Sampling an Ordeal, Then CGM is a Boon!!


As a diabetic yourself, or living with someone who has diabetes, it is a continuous struggle to get a hang of the medications, blood glucose values and other terminologies related to diabetes. And to top it all, now comes this new one - Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CG... Read More

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